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Vaulting is a rapidly growing sport, described best as gymnastics on horseback.

British Equestrian Vaulting have the current World and European Female Champion international success at senior and junior level in Pairs, Team and Male classes. You don’t need to be able to ride to vault, but if you do ride, vaulting can greatly improve your riding skills.

There are vaulting groups around the country, most groups cater for children from 5 years upwards, with adult sessions available at some centres. Vaulting training sessions combine skills such as dance and gymnastics to help to develop confidence, balance and harmony with the horse.

Being part of a vaulting group is a lot of fun. With the use of music vaulters work as a team, but there is also the opportunity for vaulters to perform individually as well as in pairs or trios.

In training and competition the horse is controlled by a qualified lunger/coach. The horse moves in a 15 metre circle whilst the vaulter(s) performs exercises on the horses back using specialist equipment, first in walk and then gradually at canter. Vaulters with a background in dance, martial arts, gymnastics generally do well at this sport.

British Equestrian Vaulting is the governing body for the sport in the UK. They hold training courses, perform demos and also run 'have a go' days. They also hold affiliated competitions from March to October, with events for all abilities running throughout the year.

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