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Showjumping requires athleticism, control and accuracy from both horse and rider over a course of knockable fences in a predetermined sequence.

A showjumping course will feature a variety of knockable fences, including verticals, spreads, double and triple combinations, with a variety of turns and changes of direction. The aim is to jump cleanly over the predetermined course within an allotted time to go through to the next round. The next round determines the winner and features a shortened course. The horse and rider with the fastest time and the least amount of faults win.

Time faults are accrued if you exceed the time allowed along with jumping faults being awarded for any knock-downs or refusals. A refusal is when the horse stops before a fence or 'runs out'. The height of the fences varies depending on the level you wish to compete at, this can range anywhere from 70cm to over 1.60 metres.

British Showjumping is the governing body in the UK and they formulate the rules and codes of practice under which all affiliated competitions are held.

British Showjumping manage more than 4,200 shows each year providing in excess of 4,350 days of show jumping for members riding registered horses and ponies. They provide classes to cater for all levels of ability whether you simply want to compete occasionally at weekends over a 70cm course or aim eventually for top class competitions at the Royal International Horse Show, Horse of the Year Show or Olympia.

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British Showjumping Club Membership

Offers new rider and horse combinations who have no registered results that are jumping between 70cm and 1m the chance to make their first steps into affiliated showjumping. Competing for league points rather then prize money, you have the opportunity to focus on heading your regional league and qualifying for a National Championship.

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