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A lot of centres have fantastic facilities to help develop your riding.

Make the most of your riding experience by considering the points below.

Important quality checks

All riding establishments in England, Scotland and Wales must be accredited by one or more of the following organisations:

  • The British Horse Society
  • The Association of British Riding Schools
  • The Pony Club
  • Riding for the Disabled Association

All centres must have obtained a license from the local authority as a minimum standard check. This certifies that the facility has been marked as a suitable riding establishment and that the welfare of the horses and ponies is appropriate.


Your coach

All coaches and instructors should be recognised with a teaching qualification such as a UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) or equally, a qualification from organisations such as The British Horse Society or The Association of British Riding Schools.

We recommend that you check this with the riding centre when you book a lesson with them. 


The facilities

It is a good idea to arrange a visit with your riding centre before you book a lesson as this gives you the chance to meet the staff and see what facilities your centre has on offer. If you know somebody who already rides at that centre, you could go down and watch one of their lessons to get a feel for what it is like. Alternatively, a lot of centres have websites and Facebook pages which you check out to see what the centre looks like.

For more information on what to expect from you first riding lesson, click here


Benefits of Horse Riding

Everyone wants something different from their riding experience. Here are a few reasons why a lot of kids and teenagers get involved in horse riding:


Chance to meet new friends and socialise

Taking part in a riding class is a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends from different backgrounds who share an interest in horses.


Learn new skills

There are so many skills that you can pick up through horse riding. Lots of these you can pick up when not in the saddle, such as stable management and other equestrian jobs.


It gets you active

Horse riding is a fantastic way to stay active as it gets you moving and gets your blood pumping. There are a number of physical benefits but it is also great for your mental health as it can even boost your creativity!

Use our interactive map to find your local riding centre and take a look at our jargon buster for a list of useful words or phrases you might hear when you are on the yard.