What to wear

You don't need to go out and spend loads of money on clothing to get involved in horse riding

Take a look at our handy guide for what you need for your first lesson.


You want to ensure you are wearing practical and sturdy shoes when around horses - leather is ideal but not essential. A shoe with a small heel and some tread is perfect. Some riding centres will lend you a pair of riding boots, so be sure to ask to see what equipment they have on offer when booking your first lesson.


Jeans are quite restrictive and usually have a thick seam on the inside of the leg, which isn’t ideal for riding in. Try a soft and flexible fabric with a small or no seam on the inner leg, thick leggings or some types of exercise trousers would be suitable. Try to not use anything too baggy as this type of clothing can get caught more easily than a closer fitting trouser.

On top

For riding in the summer you will need lightweight and breathable clothing. In winter go for layers as you want to keep warm, but remember horse riding is a great workout so you will need to be able to take off your layers when you get moving. If you do decide to wear a coat we recommend to go for one with a two way zip so that it can also be opened at the bottom. Similar to your bottom layer don’t want to go for anything too baggy for safety.

We also recommend that ladies wear a sports bra as this will help prevent any back pain, for more information click here.  


Most riding schools will have the correct hard hats for you to borrow and will fit them for you too. If you would like to buy your own ensure that it is certified to the correct safety standard (click HERE for more information)

Anything else?

  • Dangly earrings, chunky necklaces and lots of bangles may look good but aren’t very practical around horses, remove as much jewellery as possible for safety
  • Ladies and gents with long hair don’t forget a hair-tie; loose hair can be unsafe and can also get in the way
  • Gloves are not essential but a lot of people find them comfortable to ride in (especially in the winter!). You will be able to buy riding gloves from most tack shops
  • Body protector - This is not essential for your first few lessons, but we recommend wearing one if you choose to you progress your riding further

If after your first lesson you would like to buy some riding gear there are plenty of places to shop that suit all budgets. This includes specialist riding shops and country stores, outdoor clothing shops, large sports stores and sometimes supermarkets. You can also look online, although we recommend you check any reviews available online.