Mental health benefits

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Ease your mind and achieve your horse riding goal

There are number of ways horse riding can help you mentally.

Taking part in horse riding is not only a good source of physical exercise, it is a great way to increase your self esteem and improve your confidence. 

Like many other activities, in horse riding you can set yourself a goal to push for and this will help to take your mind off everyday problems and can help relieve stress. It doesn't matter how big your goal is. It could be that you would like to learn how to get on and off a horse correctly, or maybe something bigger like moving on to jumping and possibly trying competitions in the future.

Studies have shown that moderate intensity exercises like trotting around the arena can help enhance your mood and this could reduce aggression and irritability. The effects of exercising will also help you sleep better and this will make you sharper and more motivated. 

In a lot of lessons you may be taught a new skill or pace to try and practice, and over time learning a lot skills can help improve your memory. 

The interaction between people and animals takes place in very few sports, but being around horses allows you to see their physical and emotional needs and so helping them can make you feel happier!