Leaner legs

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Leaner legs

Horse riding involves a lot of leg work especially when you move from walking to cantering! 

To obtain a leaner or stronger leg a lot of people spend time lying on the floor doing leg raises to strengthen their inner thigh muscles, also known as leg adductors. But in horse riding these muscles are worked a lot, particularly when doing a sitting trot or canter. 

Trotting is a particular pace that works a lot of muscles. When you transition into a rising trot you notice when you rise from the saddle you will feel it in your quadriceps and your hamstrings. Next time you are doing a lap of the riding school, try counting the number of rises you do as you go round. 

Just 30 minutes of trotting can burn as many calories as going for swim at your local pool. And overall a one hour lesson can burn around 360 calories, making this activity as effective as a cardiovascular workout at the gym.