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On and off the horse, there are loads of ways to burn calories

Here is how horse riding can improve your fitness.

When you take part in any form of exercise your body releases endorphins and this can create a feeling of euphoria and help relieve pain. Your body also releases serotonin and this has a number of benefits; for example it can help reduce your appetite and this can help you loose weight.

Horse riding is an activity in particular that uses a lot of leg muscles and over time you will notice these muscles getting stronger with the effects of the workout lessening every time. 

Like a lot of activities, horse riding is great for improving your cardiac health as it can help burn calories and reduce body mass. Walking around the arena on a horse can burn 236 calories and just 15 minutes of jumping can burn 140 calories!

Helping out with horses is also as effective as riding. 

A lot of people spend time looking after horses and grooming them and this is also another great way to burn calories. 

Doing chores such as mucking out, tacking up and walking horses to and from fields is another form of exercise and an hour of chores can burn 280 calories.