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Horses boost confidence and skills

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A grassroots rider from a Hoof-affiliated centre Red Earth Equestrian Centre, is hoping that her passion for horse riding will push her to fulfilling her dream of riding at the Special Olympics.

Keira, from Bolton, has had a love for horses ever since she started riding in 1996, aged 8 years old. She tried Red Earth Equestrian Centre to help develop her skills further and this was somewhere that she would end up spending most of her childhood.

Keira has a learning difficulty and dyspraxia which makes balance and core stability difficult, along with remembering sequences and instructions. At Red Earth Equestrian Centre she was initially supported by her personal assistant but through the patience of the staff, she became more independent and now has the ability to be a mentor for younger riders and disabled participants.

Throughout school Keira spent a lot of time at Red Earth Equestrian Centre, attending many pony days and subsequently undergoing work experience in year nine and year eleven before starting a yearlong work placement through a college internship.

Whilst working at the riding centre, Keira was able to learn about the range of opportunities that are on offer in the Equestrian industry.

“I have really enjoyed my time at Red Earth; you learn many new skills when you are there.” Keira began.

“You meet a lot of different people who do different jobs with horses like the farriers, the saddle fitters, the dentist, the physio and so on.”

Keira has many autism traits along with having a great passion for animals, especially horses. Being around horses has enabled Keira to be person that she is today. Keira has a real connection with the horses and this has helped her become more confident and a very hard working individual, who when given task will achieve them.

Last year Keira was selected to represent Great Britain in cycling at the Special Olympic World Games in Los Angeles and would love to be involved with Equine opportunities in future.

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