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Accessibility Mark

Developed in conjunction with the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA), Accessibility Mark aims to encourage more people into the world of horse riding and its therapeutic benefits.

What is Accessibility Mark

Accessibility Mark is an accreditation that riding centres can apply for through the RDA.

Each accredited centre will have been through an assessment and training day with experienced RDA Coaches to ensure they are suitable and meet the high standards required by the RDA. Once centres have gained the Accessibility Mark status they are offered continuous support from the RDA to ensure they provide you with a fantastic service and an experience that aims to be hugely beneficial for riders of all levels. 

The RDA is a community of voluntary groups who provide a high-quality service to enable people with disabilities to ride and carriage drive to help benefit their health and well-being.

There are over 30 centres that have gained the Accessibility Mark stamp of approval and are encouraging those who do not already partake in equestrian activities or would not usually have the opportunity to do so, to experience the many benefits that riding and being around horses can bring.

Why do Accessibility Mark

Horses provide a whole host of benefits, these include:

• Physical improvement
• Communication
• Confidence
• Enjoyment
• Relationships

There is an ever growing number of equestrian disciplines that cater for people with a range of disabilities. Depending on your disability some may be more suitable for you than others; click HERE to find out more.

To start your riding journey and to find your local Accessibility Mark centre, click HERE.

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