Are you ready to take the next step and start competing?

Competing may be regarded by some as the pinnacle of your training; for others it may be getting recognition and acknowledgement from a judge or that you have reached a specific standard of training, that you've reached your 'end goal'.

Why compete?

  • If you have aspirations to be a professional rider or love the sport but want to get a bit more out of it
  • Gives you something to aim for and a means of monitoring your training
  • Gain experience for you and your horse - as a developing rider, having the opportunity to experience competition for both rider and horse is always good for developing your skills

Different levels of competition - be it 70cm jumps or a 20 mile course - are offered so you can compete at a standard at which you feel most comfortable and confident. All the equestrian sports offer a competitive element; it's up to you whether you want to aim for it.

Take a look at the different equestrian sports listed on the right hand side to get an idea what you can aim for or alternatively, view the hoof sports pages which will redirect you back through to the Governing Body website.

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Competing isn't for everyone - if what you want to do is learn how to ride skilfully and hack out once in a while then why not check out the UK map of bridleways on the BHS website?

Have a look at the BHS website for more information about bridleways and the different off road routes available to you > learn more about off road riding

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