Riding for people with disabilities

Sophie Christiansen, Grade Ia World Gold medallist, 2010:

"I wanted a challenge and I had the choice to go to the RDA or do PE. I love being on a horse because the horse moves for me and I feel free"


If you are interested in riding and/or horses there are so many opportunities for people with a range of disabilities to get involved. Riding has long been considered to be beneficial to everyone, including people with disabilities, as it helps improve motor skills and increases fitness levels.

What is the Riding for the Disabled Association?

The RDA is a community of voluntary groups who provide a high-quality service to enable people with disabilities to ride or carriage drive in order to help benefit their health and wellbeing.

There are many different ways to get involved with the RDA – from visiting their accredited centres and competitions to volunteering. See how you can get involved today > Find out more

What sports can I participate in?

There are an ever growing number of equestrian disciplines that cater for people with a range of disabilities. Depending on your disability some of the sports may be better suited to you than others; find out more about the sports on offer:

Carriage Driving > Find out more

Para-Equestrian Dressage > Find out more

Polo > Find out more

Showjumping > Find out more

Vaulting > Find out more

Hoof Sports