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Angie Best

“There is so much to do with the horse before and after you ride, it’s three times the benefit of other exercise plans! Hundreds of calories are used during each session and so much fun with a great sense of achievement”

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We all know that getting in shape requires commitment, but by taking up a sport that is also fun and mentally stimulating, you are benefiting from the best of both worlds. Horse riding is an excellent way to exercise and get fit. It strengthens all your core body muscles, tones the all-important tum and bum areas and provides a relaxing cardiovascular workout.


Horse riding benefits everyone – men and women, old and young, able-bodied and disabled.

Riding will help you improve your fitness, build muscle tone, promote muscle strength and burn calories.

Riding is highly social, fun and mentally stimulating.

Did you know ...

that horse riding improves your sense of well being? It has the same antidepressant effects, similar to a "runner's high", associated with a drop in stress hormones!

Did you know ...

that some people with long standing illnesses or disabilities indicated an improved physical/mental condition, after going horse riding?

Did you know....

horse riding is a natural stimulator of the hormone serotonin? Serotonin is a natural mood enhancer which leads to a feeling of well being during and after exercise!

Did you know...

that you can burn as many calories trotting on horseback as you can by heading down to the gym for a lunchtime workout?

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