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It’s never too late to re-discover your love of horses, pick up that journey and enjoy riding...... Why not look at trying a Take Back the Reins course - a series of riding lessons providing individual and group coaching, specifically designed to support your first steps in order to get you back into the saddle > Find out more about how to get involved

Coming back into the sport and have no idea what to expect or how the fashions may have changed since your last ride? Have a look through our Saddle-up Toolkit which should give you a few tips and reassurances before you start > Saddle-up Toolkit

Safety is always paramount, whether your just starting to ride,are coming back into the sport or have been riding for a long time. If you're coming back into the sport, have a look at our safety pages and the safety literature available to you before you get back on a horse or enjoy that hack out in the open country > Get up to speed on your safety knowledge now

Don't let your disability stop you from getting involved with horses. Find out what opportunities there are to get involved > Look now

Want to find out what equestrian sports are available to try? Check out our hoof sports carousel, which is displayed on the bottom of every page on the hoof website, and have a look through the sports on offer to see what takes your fancy...........

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