What is endurance?

One of the fastest growing equestrian sports, endurance riding is based on controlled long-distance rides and is competed worldwide.

Endurance is a unique equestrian challenge and a supreme sport for learning about equine fitness. Veterinary checks before and after endurance rides - and in the middle too for longer distances - ensure the best possible care is taken of your horse.

There are two main types of endurance rides, Graded and Competitive. In Graded Endurance rides, the challenge is against the clock and the terrain, whilst still passing the veterinary checks. In a Competitive Endurance ride, the winning horse is the first one to cross the finish line while stopping periodically to pass a veterinary check that deems the animal in good health and fit to continue.

Endurance GB is the governing body for the sport of Endurance (Competitive Long Distance) Riding in Great Britain, formulating the rules and organising rides to cater for all levels of ability, whether you simply want to compete occasionally at local events or aim eventually for top class and international competition. They provide and manage well over 100 events a year for members of the Association riding registered horses and ponies as well as many social and pleasure rides, to encourage non-members.

Endurance GB is always happy to put you in touch with more experienced riders who can advise you or with organisers who can talk to you about their rides. The support on offer is wide ranging and practical, ensuring that you never need to be alone.

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