What is eventing?

Eventing, sometimes referred to as a 'Horse Trials' or the 'three day event', is a unique combination of three phases: dressage, cross country over fixed fences and showjumping.

Each of the three phases is designed to test the horse's ability - dressage shows how trainable the horse is and its basic paces in walk, trot and canter. The showjumping requires athleticism, control and accuracy, while the cross country tests stamina, speed, jumping and bravery. The sport is rather like the pentathlon in that it combines different disciplines in one competition and is run on a cumulative penalty basis. The competitor with least penalties at the end is the winner.

Eventing is a sport that engages all ages and has equal opportunities to compete. In the UK, the eventing season runs from March to October every year; competitors can join in the year of their 12th birthday and there is no upper age limit!

British Eventing (BE) is the national governing body for the sport of Eventing. BE regulate and schedule more than 180 events throughout Britain that cater for nearly 94,000 entries per year.

At national events run by BE, horses and riders are able to enhance their skill by progressing through the different levels of competition on offer, which include: BE80 Training (a training class where the maximum height of fences is 80cm) BE90, BE100, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced.

British Eventing also run a comprehensive regional programme of training for both members and non-members in addition to running a national frame work of competition for riders under 21.

Competitors don’t need to be full members to take part – both Day or Training/Club tickets are available for those just who want to try the sport with their rides.

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