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that approximately 200,000 people either ride, drive or vault on horses in Scotland every week....... that there are around 500 riding clubs and schools in Scotland and around 3,500 people participate in equestrian competitions every week

horsescotland is the national organisation for all equestrian sports and activity in Scotland. they seek to enable equestrian sport and the equestrian sector in Scotland to develop and excel through the highest levels of participation in the sport and the highest levels of growth for the country's equestrian industry.

A partner of the national sports agengy (sportsscotland) horsescotland is the recognised governing organisation for all equestrian sporting activity and the equestrian industry in Scotland.

horsescotland represents Scotland's 22 member organisations and a growing number of individual and club members, providing high quality support, funding, training, coaching for all those with an interest in the horse.

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