British Horse Society


What is the British Horse Society?

The British Horse Society (BHS) represents the interests of 4.3 million riders and carriage drivers in the UK. It is the largest equestrian charity in the UK with more than 75,000 members and 34,000 members of affiliated riding clubs.

The BHS believes that ‘Prevention through education’ is the key to ensuring that every horse is protected and properly cared for. That’s why everyone at The British Horse Society puts a great deal of effort into developing the highest quality of advice, training and qualifications, and campaigning. Everything the BHS does is about improving the lives of horses and riders.

Whether you are a professional, a horse owner, a rider or one of the millions of people who are simply enthusiastic about horses, the BHS has something for you.

What further information can I discover?

Horse care - the BHS offers a comprehensive range of online advice and a telephone helpline to help horse owners improve the welfare of horses and ponies

Training and qualifications – BHS qualifications are the most widely acknowledged and respected equestrian qualifications in the world

Registered BHS instructors - The BHS has a register of appropriately qualified instructors to match the training and teaching needs of all riders, whatever the requirement, from first lessons through to competition training

Where to is the world’s only Equine Mapping and Geographic Network which enables people to identify, download and print riding routes completely free of charge

British Riding Clubs - offers a whole range of support and encouragement for amateur riders, including national competitions, qualifications and social events

Riding safely – the BHS runs a dedicated horse accident reporting website

Fancy a holiday? – Horses Welcome is the UK's first quality-assured scheme for equine bed and breakfast accommodation

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