What is the Association of British Riding Schools?

The Association of British Riding Schools (ABRS) represents approximately 400 professional horse riding schools across Britain. It approves schools setting high standards for horse care and requires its schools to provide sound instruction that is correct in all content.

The size of the establishment is immaterial and there are both very large and very small fully approved member schools. Some have only very basic facilities, but provided they meet the high standard of care and attention to both horse and rider, the ABRS are happy to accept them as members.

Such establishments serve all sections of the horse riding public, whether they ride for pleasure or have more serious aspirations such as a career with horses or competitive endeavour.

Conferences and information days are conducted throughout the country which members and the public may attend. The object is to inspire, increase knowledge and keep standards high.

The Association wishes to reassure the horse riding public that if they select an ABRS Approved School, they should receive sound instruction on suitable horses and ponies using good, safe and well kept saddlery. Obviously the level of instruction may vary between establishments but all standards are available. Current member schools are listed on the ABRS website and more information is available from the ABRS office.

The Association offers a comprehensive examination system for grooms and instructors. The Association also offers a system of progressive tests in equitation and stable management for member schools to offer to their clients and is thus ideally placed to assist and guide young people seeking careers with horses.

It has a wide ranging examination and testing system which enables teenagers to build up worthwhile achievements and certificates in preparation for leaving school and taking up full time training.

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