What is tetrathlon?

Tetrathlon can be most closely likened to Modern Pentathlon; and consists of four unique phases of competition: running, horse riding, shooting and swimming (the type of event stipulates in which order these phases are completed).

Tetrathlon is offered and run through the Pony Club > Find out more

A little bit about the different phases:

Running - the distance competitors have to run depends on their age, ability and sex. All competitors are started at one minute intervals; a 'bogey' time (the optimum time allowed) helps the scorers to allocate points upon completion of this phase.

Horse riding - the height of the fences a competitor has to jump depends on their ability. The riding phase can take the form of cross-country or show jumping, depending on the event and the maximum score available is 1400 points.

Shooting – Competitors aim to shoot 10 pellets onto a target, using 4.5mm calibre air pistols, and aim to score a maximum of 1000 points.

Swimming - Competitors swim in heats, according to ability, with any style of stroke (backstroke etc) permitted in order to complete the swim (competitors are allowed to change their stroke mid swim if they wish). Competitors score points according to the distance they have swum in an allocated time.

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