What is driving?

Driving involves the driver (who is seated on the horse carriage) controlling and directing a horse or a number of horses (depending on the event) through a marked course. There are many types of Driving available: pleasure driving or horse driving trials, singles (one horse or pony), pairs (two horse or ponies) or multiple (more than two horses or ponies).

A driving competition is split into three phases - dressage, marathon and cone driving.

Dressage - a driver drives a sequence of set movements (from memory) to display the schooling and obedience of the horses being driven

Marathon - drivers move their horses through a set cross country course, a set number of obstacles are positioned through the final 10km leg of the marathon phase

Cone Driving - this phase tests the skill and competence of the driver and the suppleness and obedience of the horse(s). The carriage must be driven (in a set amount of time) through narrowly spaced pairs of cones situated throughout the course.

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British Carriagedriving (BC) is the governing body for the sport in the UK.

There is a network of clubs affiliated to the BC around the country. Use the BC website or the Where Can I Ride map to find one near you

Carriagedriving is a friendly and inclusive sport where there are many opportunities to become involved. Drivers all need a groom or backstepper on the carriage and volunteers are essential to steward the course and obstacles or help set up events. The BC website has a volunteer page to help find the best role for you.

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